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‘Resident Evil 7’ DLC trailer offers the first look at Chris Redfield

The video starts off with Redfield suiting up in a mining cave, ostensibly to find three men from a missing unit. He makes note of a massive "shield machine" before heading further into the mine. He soon finds one of the missing men in a cell, then runs off to find a key. As this is a Resident Evil game, Redfield finally runs across some zombies, which he dispatches quickly via grenade, a punch to the face, and a pistol. The gory visuals continue as he blasts his way through the mine, killing toothy, stringy monsters along the way. The final boss is a bloated, gross, massive beast who spills guts and gore all over Redfield, who says, "just another monster."

The gameplay in the trailer seems sort of flat to me, to be honest, but the visuals are gorgeous, with tons of shadows and high-res zombie attacks. If you don't want to wait until December, Resident Evil 7: biohazard is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/09/21/resident-evil-7-dlc-trailer-chris-redfield/

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Volvo launches 12-month trade-in plan with XC40 crossover

By Reese Counts

After months of teasers and leaked images, Volvo finally pulled back the curtain on its latest crossover, the all-new XC40. The stylish new crossover packs in everything you would expect from a modern Volvo. The model will pack a whole host of active and passive safety equipment beneath its handsome, sporty skin. Two gasoline powertrains have been announced, though a hybrid and full electric version will come sometime later.

As with nearly every compact crossover, the XC40 looks to sell as much on style as it does on substance. Volvo is offering a wide range of interior and exterior colors, including a two-tone roof. In total, there are 17 color combinations for the roof and bodywork. The "Thor's hammer" LED running lights flank a sharper version of Volvo's corporate face. The overall design is a smaller, more sporty version of what you see on the XC90 and XC60. That's far from a bad thing, as those two are some of the best-looking vehicles around.

Likewise, the interior looks like a miniaturized version of Volvo's larger models. It's likely to use lower-grade materials, but the basic framework all seems to be there. The bold design and color choices carry over from the exterior. One model with black leather and red carpeting (shown in the photo gallery above) looks particularly fetching. The center stack features Volvo's quick and clean infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, while a bin below packs Qi wireless charging. A panoramic sunroof is available.

No Volvo would be complete without safety equipment. The XC40 comes standard with City Safety, which includes pedestrian, cyclist, vehicle and large-animal detection with automatic emergency braking. Other features include Pilot Assist, Run-off Road protection and mitigation, Cross Traffic alert and a 360-degree camera.

Care by Volvo will launch alongside the XC40. The new service is a negotiation-free sales model that has a national, flat-rate monthly fee, combined with the opportunity to upgrade to a new car as early as 12 months. This flat fee includes maintenance, insurance and the replacement of wear and tear items. Volvo equates it to owning a phone, where one payment gets you all the services. No pricing has been announced.

The 8.3-inch ride height is on the low side for a crossover, but we can't imagine many owners will be taking this on more than some dirt or gravel roads. That said, if the Cross Country and other XC models are any indication, Volvo knows just what its buyers are looking for in an off-roader.

At launch, the XC40 will come in a T5 Momentum all-wheel-drive variant. That model starts at $35,200 and comes with a turbocharged inline-four. Later in 2018, a $33,200 front-wheel-drive model will hit showrooms.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/09/21/volvo-xc40-crossover-care-by-volvo/

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BYU develops sports helmet foam for real-time concussion detection

The foam can be inserted in helmets and padding to track collisions via electrical signals and wirelessly send the data to tablets and devices held by coaching staff on the sidelines. It's designed to operate quickly, too, informing coaches how hard a player has been hit -- and whether they're at risk of a concussion and should be pulled off the field.

Previous prototype devices simply indicate when players are hit, but the BYU researchers' nanofoam tracks the severity of impact: When compressed, nickel nanoparticles rub against the foam to generate a static charge, which is gathered by a conductive electrode and measured by a microcomputer before being sent off wirelessly. A bigger hit generates a higher static charge, which is measured to account for acceleration, energy and velocity. The current setup determines how hard the wearer has been hit with 90 percent accuracy, according to research published by the BYU team's lead Jake Merrell in the journal Annals of Biomedical Engineering.

As with most prototype devices, it's too early to tell whether programs or leagues in any sport will pick up Merrell's team's invention. But EurekAlert noted that a company that produces taekwondo vests had started using the foam in its products to score fights and train athletes.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/09/21/byu-sports-helmet-foam-real-time-concussion-detection/

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Facebook and Amazon might bid on English Premier League rights

Before you ask, that doesn't include the rights to broadcast in America, which NBC acquired for a reported $1 billion deal back in 2015 to retain until the 2021-22 season. But snatching broadcasting rights for leagues far from home is apparently now in Amazon's purview after it recently outbid Sky and ITV for tennis' ATP World Tour for the next five years.

That deal only cost the online shipping titan about £10 million (almost $1.4 million today), but Amazon is going to have to dramatically up its bidding budget to beat out Sky and BT for the next set of Premier League rights. The latter two split three years of EPL broadcasts ending in the 2016-17 season by collectively spending £5.14 billion (almost $7 billion today) to secure them.

It will be interesting to see if Amazon and Facebook do challenge Sky for the UK and European rights to the EPL. The English broadcasting company just splintered its sports coverage into ten optional channels that users can pick between, and losing a key pillar of its portfolio would be painful.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/09/21/facebook-and-amazon-might-bid-on-english-premier-league-rights/

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Court rules Stingray use without a warrant violates Fourth Amendment

Stingrays work by pretending to be a cell tower and once they're brought close enough to a particular phone, that phone pings a signal off of them. The Stingray then grabs onto that signal and allows whoever's using it to locate the phone in question. These sorts of devices are used by a number of different agencies including the FBI, ICE, the IRS as well as police officers.

The use of cell-site simulators, especially without a warrant, has come under question a few times in recent years. In 2016, a federal judge suppressed DEA evidence obtained via such a device, the first time a federal judge had done so. Last year, members of Congress called for legislation that would protect citizens' privacy and require a warrant before Stingrays could be used by law enforcement. Two such bills were introduced in the House of Representatives earlier this year.

In the ruling, the judges said, "We thus conclude that under ordinary circumstances, the use of a cell-site simulator to locate a person through his or her cellphone invades the person's actual, legitimate, and reasonable expectation of privacy in his or her location information and is a search." They also said, "We agree with [the defendant] that the government violated the Fourth Amendment when it deployed the cell-site simulator against him without first obtaining a warrant based on probable cause."

The ruling could affect ongoing and future cases as well as law enforcement's use of the technology.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/09/21/court-stingray-without-warrant-violates-fourth-amendment/

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Researchers create a robot that can cling to shark skin underwater

The remora is a fish that that has a large sucker-like fin that it uses to hang onto sharks and dolphins while it picks up food scraps from its host and seeks protection from predators. It can remain attached to the marine animals even at top swimming speeds and with dolphins, can hang on even when they jump out of the water and spin around.

The research team designed their robot in the functional image of the remora's fin. It has a softer, large suction pad as well as hundreds of small, rigid spines arranged in rows that mimic those found in the remora. The remora can change the position of those tiny spines in order to maintain adequate friction, a design that the research team incorporated into its model.

When tested, the suction disc was able to hang on to a variety of smooth and rough surfaces under water, including real shark skin. You can watch it in action here. Outside of the water (check out the video here) it also attached to glass, wood, a box of apple juice and a smartphone and was able to withstand twists and turns without detaching. The next step is to test in on real sharks or dolphins.

Overall, it stands to become a very useful tool in the study of underwater creatures. You can check out New Scientist's video about the research below.

Image: Wang et al., Sci. Robot. 2, eaan8072 (2017)

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/09/21/robot-cling-shark-skin-underwater/

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Run the Jewels’ video game tour continues in ‘FIFA 18’

Killer Mike and El-P, collectively known as Run the Jewels, are no strangers to video games. Previously they appeared in Gears of War 4 as multiplayer characters, and now the duo are lending their talents to FIFA 18. Or, at least, their iconography. You can outfit your virtual footballer in kit featuring the group's trademark fist and gun logo on a teal jersey reminiscent of the album art for Run the Jewels 3, and there's also a black variant. More than that, the soundtrack features and exclusive track from the group, "Mean Demeanor."

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/09/21/run-the-jewels-fifa-jersey/

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Moto G5S Plus goes on sale September 29th for $230

We said the Moto G5 and G5 Plus were "still the best budget phones" when we reviewed them earlier this year, and now Motorola is rolling out the upgraded version of its larger device. The G5S Plus improves on its predecessor with a larger screen (5.5-inches compared to 5.2), a rear camera module with dual 13MP sensors instead of just one, a front-facing camera that's 8MP (up from 5MP) and a new all-metal body that replaces the original's plastic frame that had metal tacked on.

Unfortunately, other features like NFC or USB-C are still left out, for the price they're still very good phones. That's why it's so good to hear that these upgrades don't change the price, as the G5S Plus launches at the same $230/$300 mark (for 32GB or 64GB of built-in storage) as the G5 Plus. It's currently available for preorder from Motorola, and starting September 29th will go on sale from Best Buy, BH, Fry's, Motorola.com, New Egg, Ting and Walmart.com.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/09/21/moto-g5s-plus-9-25/

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Kodak’s app and chatbot will scour your photos for forgotten gems

Both the updated "Kodak Moments" app from the company and its Moments Assistant Facebook bot use algorithms and AI to figure out which of your photos might be worth resurfacing. They take into account things like location, facial recognition, quality, relationships, engagement and photo tagging in order to find meaningful photographs that you might want to see again and, more importantly, buy prints of. "Once we display images that people may have forgotten about on premium products with an option to immediately physically share, we expect to make money from the prints and the photo-products that we sell," Kodak Moments' Chief Marketing Officer Rob Smith told Fast Company.

Some have found that these services don't do a particularly good job at finding photos you might want to see again. But if you want to check them out, the app and chatbot are available now.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/09/22/kodak-app-chatbot-scour-photos/

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Facebook will show ads based on the stores you visit in real life

At the same time, your friend who's sitting at home can get an ad meant for new customers that you won't see if you've been to one of that certain business' stores. Since Facebook is giving thousands of businesses across the globe access to people's store visit data, you might encounter the behavior even while abroad. You might also come across advertisements for companies you've recently interacted with in the real world. Real estate firms could, for instance, show you their latest listings if you called them up.

Facebook's ad network has been center of controversy these past few weeks. Earlier this month, the social network revealed that Russian-related accounts purchased at least $100,000 worth of ads pointing to fake news pages that operate out of Russia. More recently, a ProPublica investigation found that its ad network allowed advertisers to target anti-Semites. These new features sound a lot tamer by comparison, but you can always switch off Facebook's location tracking to minimize their effects if they feel a bit too stalkerish for comfort.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/09/22/facebook-ads-physical-stores/

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