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LED Moon shines message of hope, no dark side to see

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Article source: http://www.engadget.com/2011/06/30/led-moon-shines-message-of-hope-no-dark-side-to-see/

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Sony intros G-Series micro HiFi iPhone / iPod systems, blends retro looks with modern features

Refined sound and classic style with G Series micro Hi-Fi systems
29 June 2011

Transform listening at home with acoustic excellence, network features and elegant looks

· Carefully crafted design delivers crisp, clear sound
· Enhance MP3 tracks with easy connection for iPod and iPhone
· Play music from a range of sources via USB and Wi-Fi

Enjoy a pure sound performance

G Series micro Hi-Fi systems have been crafted to deliver a sound quality to impress even the most demanding audio enthusiast.

Drawing upon years of expertise developing amplifiers, our G Series micro Hi-Fi systems use innovative geometric grounding technology to minimise amplifier distortion so you hear accurate rhythm and tempo whether you're listening to a thumping rock anthem or a gentle classical track.

Compact speakers are designed to handle the high power output of the amp and deliver a natural acoustic balance. Every tiny detail, from grooved internal speaker walls to the woofer and tweeter construction, creates a pure sound which lets you lose yourself in the music performance.

Classic looks and a premium finish

Simple and elegant, G Series micro Hi-Fi systems recall classic analogue Hi-Fi systems. The main unit is finished in solid aluminium with a hairline finish and retro-look control knobs. The light colour of the aluminium creates a striking contrast with the high-gloss black piano speakers.

Design is subtle, understated and always focused on the listening experience. Moving the volume control a millimetre to the right and adding an outer ring adds to the beautiful simple design. Using polyurethane paint rather than cheaper polyester paint in speaker coating minimises unnecessary resonance for a crisp, clear audio performance

Choose your music, your way

G Series micro Hi-Fi systems offer a variety of ways to play your favourite music. Certified as Made for iPod / iPhone, you can easily connect an iPod or iPhone via USB and give tracks a big audio sound. Or plug an MP3 player or USB memory stick into the USB port and make the most of your digital music library.

G Series micro Hi-Fi systems with Wi-Fi (CMT-G2BNiP and CMT-G2NiP) mean you can connect to a wireless home network and play music from your PC or Internet radio channels – with no clutter of cables. Use the Wi-Fi to stream tracks to Wi-Fi devices in other rooms. You can even download a free iPhone app and control a G Series Hi-Fi from anywhere at home.

There's DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio too. Enjoy even more music, news and sport in digital quality. DAB means easier tuning, reduced interference, information on artists and tracks and access to a huge range of local and national radio stations.

The choice for music connoisseurs

"G Series micro Hi-Fi systems have a classic design style but are packed with the latest audio and network innovations," says Yuji Kitayama, Director, Home Entertainment of Europe. "The premium finish and purity of the sound performance will give audio enthusiasts everywhere an exquisite listening experience."

For more information see here: http://www.sony.co.uk/product/hfs-cd-music-system/cmt-g1bip

iPod and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

G Series micro Hi-Fi systems at a glance


Expand your music choice with Wi-Fi and DAB radio

· High acoustic performance and premium design

· Built-in Wi-Fi for streaming music from PC and Internet

· DAB radio, USB connection for iPod/iPhone and MP3 playback

Article source: http://www.engadget.com/2011/06/30/sony-intros-g-series-micro-hifi-iphone-ipod-systems-blends-re/

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Google+ for Android app (hands-on)

Given the number of apps Google's made available for smartphones, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that it's taken its suite of social networking services direct to the mobile world as well. As soon as Google+ was officially announced, an app was ready for download in the Android Market and a web app became available for Safari for iOS (with its full offering to the App Store coming soon). As usual, we couldn't resist the urge to play around with it, but how does the mobile iteration fare against the competition? Continue past the break to get a peek of the larger-than-life service squeezed into a 4.3-inch (or smaller) display.

When we downloaded Google+ from the Market, two icons appeared in the app tray: one that bears the same name as the service, and Huddle. Both took us to the same app, but Google+ put us on the program's home screen -- a portal that offers the Stream, Huddle, Photos, Circles, and Profile sections -- while the latter of the two icons bypassed this screen completely and started us in the Huddle service itself.

Huddle is the only service in the Google+ suite exclusively offered on the Android app. It uses the same style of messaging as we've come to expect with any standard IM client, and as a result it doesn't bring anything new to the table. It gives you the ability to chat it up with groups or individuals, and you can use other apps as you wait for a response since incoming messages will come in as a regular notification. If most of your friends use Google, this puts Huddle on par with your phone's messaging app. Sounds a lot like Google Talk, but the two services are unfortunately not integrated at all. And while Huddle's considerably mobile-friendly, there's no option to continue chats on your computer as soon as you get home; Huddle is nowhere to be seen on the Google+ home page, and no Chrome extensions or other browser add-ons have been made available for it yet. We'd love to see this get thrown in soon -- we're probably spoiled by our recent run-in with MightyText, but hey...

For the services that can be synced, however, we enjoyed a seamless experience between the app and computer. For instance, the app offers an Instant Upload option which does exactly as the name implies: immediately after a new picture is taken on your phone, the image gets pushed up to a private album, which will appear on Google+ and Picasa simultaneously. Following the upload, we went back to the computer and noticed an option to "share photos from your phone," with our picture sitting there waiting to be shared with everyone or certain circles. The downside? After trying the app out on multiple devices, we determined that uploaded images get downscaled in order to cut down on transfer time and data usage; our high-res photos appeared at a paltry 720x540 on Plus, and 2048x1536 on Picasa -- and it stayed the same when using cameras with varied resolutions.

You can also share your location, if desired. The Stream has three screen options that you can swipe left or right to view: your circles, seeing status posts from those in close proximity, and checking out incoming posts. You can view all of your photo albums and choose pictures to share with whichever circles you'd like, look at and edit your Google profile, and invite others into your circles.

The absence of the Hangout feature puzzled us. By leaving it out, it feels like we're missing out on the perfect way to take advantage of a phone's front-facing camera -- Of course, it wasn't until Android 2.3.4 that we enjoyed the same functionality for Google Talk on the Nexus S, so it may be something reserved merely for the latest and greatest OS revisions.

In all, the Google+ app does a commendable job of bringing the full web experience down to the mobile level, though we can tell the app isn't hitting its full potential by excluding Hangouts and neglecting to sync Huddle with our computers. The program is still under field test status, which means there are some minor bugs that need to be worked out before it's ready for the public -- not to mention a very small user base -- but our sneak peek was a resounding success otherwise. Now, if only we had a few friends to share it with...

Article source: http://www.engadget.com/2011/06/30/edit-google-for-android-app-hands-on/

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HTC Eternity leaked: 1.5GHz processor, 4.7-inch display, front-facing camera

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Article source: http://www.engadget.com/2011/06/30/htc-eternity-leaked-1-5ghz-4-7-inch-display-front-facing-came/

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Olympus PEN E-P3, PEN E-PL3, and PEN E-PM1 hands-on

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Article source: http://www.engadget.com/2011/06/30/olympus-pen-e-p3-pen-e-pl3-and-pen-e-pm1-hands-on/

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Wii Cyberbike gives you a workout, costs more than the system itself

Cyberbike for Nintendo Wii Crosses the Finish Line and is Available Now In North America

High Quality Stationary Bike and Game Bundle From Bigben Interactive Pedals Its Way to

San Francisco, CA, June 29, 2011 – Bigben Interactive, global designer, manufacturer and distributor of peripherals, today announced that Cyberbike Magnetic Edition, a stationary bike designed exclusively for the Nintendo Wii™ system, is shipping today in North America. Rated E for Everyone, the Cyberbike Cycling Sports game will be packaged together with the Cyberbike Magnetic Edition bike and sold online with retailers such as ToysRUs.com and Amazon.com for $199.99 (free shipping in the U.S., where available). Cyberbike is the first ever biking-based exergame to be released in North America that includes a high-performance stationary bike, providing endless fun and exercise for the entire family.

"With Cyberbike for the Wii, pedaling on a stationary bike is both rewarding and fun, no matter the time of day or temperature outside," said Olivier Veyrac, vice president, North America, Bigben Interactive. "We are pleased to bring Cyberbike to North American consumers, building on the great success that took hold in Europe last year."

Already generating positive media preview impressions and consumer interest, FamilyFriendlyVideoGames.com recognized Cyberbike as the "Favorite Educational Game" and "Favorite Exercise Game" at E3 2011.

Cyberbike Magnetic Edition
The stationary exercise bike connects to the GameCube port on the Nintendo Wii console and is compatible with all Nintendo Wii games playable with a GameCube controller such as Mario Kart™. It features an adjustable, cushioned seat and pivoting handlebars, making it perfect for players of all sizes, up to 286 pounds. Magnetic resistance is set through a tension control knob providing variable and smooth resistance for all fitness levels.

Cyberbike Cycling Sports
Developed by Eko Software and published by Agetec, Inc., Cyberbike Cycling Sports features three gameplay modes – story, fitness and multiplayer – each with a variety of goals that encourages players to complete the tasks as they burn more calories.

For information on how to order Cyberbike Magnetic Edition, visit the official product website at: www.cyberbike-thegame.com.

To get the latest Cyberbike news and updates, check out: http://www.facebook.com/CyberbikeWii and for press materials, go to: http://www.cyberbike-thegame.com/press.htm.

About Bigben Interactive
Founded in 1981, Bigben Interactive designs and distributes high-quality accessories for video game consoles. The company also publishes and distributes video games such as Cyberbike (a video game and exercise bike for the Wii) and My Body Coach (a video game and dumbbells for the Wii). Headquartered in Lesquin, France, Bigben Interactive has sales in more than 25 countries and offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Hong Kong. Bigben Interactive, a global gaming-accessories vendor, is a publicly traded French company that is expanding its presence and leadership in the U.S.

Article source: http://www.engadget.com/2011/06/30/wii-cyberbike-gives-you-a-workout-costs-more-than-the-system-it/

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VeriFone’s new Payware Mobile Enterprise for Tablets looks a little Square

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Article source: http://www.engadget.com/2011/06/30/verifones-new-payware-mobile-enterprise-for-tablets-looks-a-lit/

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Moto mysteries abound: Droid HD posts to Flickr, new blurry cam pics

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Article source: http://www.engadget.com/2011/06/30/moto-mysteries-abound-droid-hd-posts-to-flickr-new-blurry-cam/

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Con Google+ (Plus), Mountain View riprova a contrastare Facebook

Google+ ossia Plus, è il nuovo tentativo di Mountain View, che ci riprova: l’assalto al dominio di Facebook sembra cosa difficilissima, ma Big G non è certo tipo da demordere dopo il primo (e il secondo, e il terzo) tentativo e così rilancia con un nuovo servizio. L’idea è quella di basare tutto sul lato condivisione, cercando di dare uno sguardo e una particolare attenzione alla sicurezza e alla privacy, condendo poi il piatto con un uso semplice e intuitivo del social network. L’obiettivo di Google con Plus è quello di riprodurre la stessa semplicità di fruizione riscontrabile nella vita reale. Qui sopra un video esplicativo.

Entrare in contatto con gli altri sul web così come nella vita reale“, ecco una delle frasi che si possono leggere sulla pagina ufficiale che racconta il progetto Google+ – vedi fonte – pronto a lanciarsi ai potenziali miliardi di utenti del web. Le Cerchie sono le fondamenta del social network.
Le cerchie sono completamente personalizzabili, sono gruppi di persone caratterizzate da elementi in comune: lavoro, parentela, gruppo sportivo, passioni, ecc… per condividere in modo specifico solo cosa interessa veramente. E come trovare nuovi spunti? Con Spunti, appunto!
Spunti è una sorta di ambiente di informazione di qualsiasi elemento possa interessare all’utente, dal video alle notizie, dall’immagine al blog post e così via. Con Videoritrovi si apre anche al fascino del random con gli incontri casuali, sempre con contatti certificati.
Sarà possibile fruire del Caricamento istantaneo di immagini scattate dal cellulare oppure dalla webcam o dalla fotocamera digitale e poi trasferite sul PC. Con Huddle è una grande chat di gruppo per una conversazione multipla più agevole. Il progetto è ambizioso e interessante, si spera non segua l’esito infausto di Orkut e i risultati non così eclatanti di Buzz.

Article source: http://www.tecnocino.it/articolo/con-google-plus-mountain-view-riprova-a-contrastare-facebook/30643/

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I prezzi degli smartphone più economici e convenienti

I prezzi degli smartphone moderni vanno a coprire un range davvero ampio che possiamo fissare da circa 99 euro fino a un massimo di quasi 800. Insomma, ce n’è per tutte le tasche e per tutti i target, così da accontentare chi vuole potenza, prestazioni e design e chi invece si “accontenta” di uno strumento affidabile, completo e abbordabile. In questo approfondimento ci dedichiamo proprio agli smartphone entrylevel e salterà subito all’occhio qual è il sistema operativo principe del settore. Android ovviamente, ma non mancano le sorprese.

Vodafone Smart Android e Ideos

In questo settore c’è da dire che Vodafone risulta l’operatore più attivo e prolifico. E’ stato il primo a offrire modelli dal prezzo contenuto in soli 99 euro prima con Vodafone Ideos (ecco la scheda tecnica) poi con Vodafone Smart Android (tutte le informazioni qui), con relativi piani abbinati. Sono due esemplari semplici e tuttavia completi, con schermi capacitivi, fotocamera digitale, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi e accesso all’Android Market. Non c’è prezzo migliore per uno smartphone non usato.
I modelli di smartphone Android più economici

Android offre davvero tanti modelli economici seppur nuovi o comunque usciti da poco. Tra questi possiamo citare Samsung Galaxy Next, che si trova a un prezzo mediamente collocato a 120-139 euro. Poco di più per Lg Optimus One, sempre un full touchscreen con tutto ciò che serve, ecco la nostra recensione completa. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini è ancora acquistabile intorno ai 139-149 euro e per quanto riguarda HTC sulla stessa fascia ecco il glorioso HTC Wildfire (la nostra review qui).
Le proposte entrylevel di Nokia e Blackberry

Nokia offre il modello Nokia C5 a circa 140 euro, si tratta di un cellulare dotato di sistema operativo Symbian Os 9.3, connettività veloce UMTS – HSDPA – HSUPA, Bluetooth, GPS, fotocamera da 3.2 megapixel, lettore mp3 e memoria da 50MB ampliabile via microSD. Blackberry scende a 189 euro con Blackberry Curve 8520 con specifiche medie: connettività Quadriband GPRS (purtroppo niente UMTS), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, lettore mp3, fotocamera da 2 megapixel e memoria da 256MB. Per quanto riguarda il sistema operativo Bada, troviamo Samsung Wave Pro a 150-169 euro circa.
iPhone 4S (o 3Gs), l’economico di Apple?

Ultimamente è arrivata anche l’idea e l’ipotesi che Apple potesse presentare un modello economico, magari anche più piccolo rispetto alla quinta generazione. iPhone 4S, si diceva, ma è giunta anche voce che in realtà si continuerebbe a puntare sulla terza generazione, iPhone 3Gs, che può accogliere il sistema operativo iOS 5.0 e dunque può rimanere altamente competitivo senza dover sparare costi esagerati come solitamente Cupertino fa con gli ultimi arrivi.
Se ti è interessato questo articolo allora dai un’occhiata anche a:

Article source: http://www.tecnocino.it/articolo/i-prezzi-degli-smartphone-piu-economici-e-convenienti/30645/

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