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Ben Heck’s Atari Dragster: Testing the world record

Can the Ben Heck Show team recreate the fabled 5.51 world record with micro-controller hardware? In an effort to find out, the team invites world record holder Todd Rogers into the workshop to help train the simulation. Can Ben's hardware beat the fastest-ever time? Find out, and let us know what you think over on the element14 Community.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/12/31/ben-hecks-atari-dragster-testing-the-world-record/

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Make the jump to 4K and HDR in 2018

4K is the most straightforward step forward: It offers four times as many pixels as 1080p. But while that might sound exciting, it's not a noticeable leap unless you're sitting very close to a large TV set. HDR, on the other hand, is an upgrade you definitely can't miss. It lets you see both brighter and darker elements in an image. Shots of the sun or huge explosions end up looking almost as vibrant as they do in real life. (In fact, on high-end TVs the brightness can sometimes make you squint your eyes.) And while being able to see darker images might not sound exciting, it's a big help for things like Daredevil's nighttime fight scenes.

The benefit of wide color gamut support, or WCG, is immediately noticeably when you're watching something like Planet Earth 2, which shows off seemingly every naturally occurring shade. Until now, home video formats could only display a limited amount of colors. But with WCG, all of the primary pigments — red, green and blue — are bolder and more realistic than ever.

So what makes things better for 4K and HDR next year? The most obvious answer: The TVs supporting those new formats will come even further down in price. Previously, you'd have to spend close to $1,000 to get a decent 50-inch TV. But today, one of the most widely recommended 55-inch models, TCL's P series, goes for just $650. And if you don't mind skimping a bit on picture quality, you can find already similarly sized sets for even less.

That also means that large TVs are becoming more affordable. Vizio's mid-range M series line starts at $1,000 for the 65-inch model, and you can go all the way up to 75 inches for $2,000. That's the sort of TV you previously could only dream of — not something normal people could buy. By next year, many consumers might consider a 65-inch set as their default upgrade, and I wouldn't be surprised if TVs beyond 70-inches become more popular.

And even if you're not just trying to stuff the biggest screen possible into your home, once high-end technology, like OLED, is also becoming more affordable. Not surprisingly, OLED is the upgrade videophiles are really excited about. It offers more contrast than LCD sets and better black levels, plus it doesn't suffer from motion blurring. And if you care about home decor, OLED sets can be shockingly thin. LG's new W series are as thick as two quarters stacked on top of each other -- something that also requires them to be wall mounted, since it's physically impossible to balance them with a traditional table-mounted stand.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/12/31/make-the-jump-to-4k-and-hdr-in-2018/

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Iran blocks internet services in bid to quash protests

There are also numerous reports of Iran blocking mobile internet access in several cities, although the full extent isn't clear. The Iran Student News Agency noted that desktop access to Telegram was working, so this appears to be more of an attempt to disrupt on-the-ground protest coordination and citizen journalism than a blanket ban.

Officials have claimed that the blocks are 'temporary' measures, but it's safe to say they'll continue for as long as the Iranian government believes the protests pose a mounting threat to its authority. The country has a history of blocking Instagram, VPNs and other services that help residents access the uncensored internet. The question is whether or not this will be effective. As Egypt learned early this decade, a sufficiently motivated public isn't going to stay off the streets just because they can't get online. There are frequently ways to get around censorship, too. In short: blocking like this is more of a momentary roadblock than anything else.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/12/31/iran-blocks-internet-services-in-bid-to-quash-protests/

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The best wireless workout headphones

Who should get this

Wireless workout headphones are for people who want to block out external distractions and don't need to hear their surroundings during a workout. You'll need to charge them from time to time, and they're not meant for swimming. If either of those factors are a dealbreaker for you, check out our guide to wired exercise headphones instead. And if you're a biker or runner who needs to be aware of traffic to stay safe, you'd be better off with one of our unsealed picks from the best running headphones guide.

How we picked and tested

Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald

When researching the best workout headphones, we sifted through the offerings of more than 100 headphone companies, and consulted editorial reviews from a number of publications. We also looked at customer reviews from a handful of major retailers. We eventually settled on this list of crucial features for wireless workout headphones:

  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Comfortable to wear and don't easily fall out
  • An intuitive remote
  • Relatively inexpensive price
  • Noise isolation, with solid audio quality
  • Brand reliability and warranty

We called in every model that met these criteria (and either had positive reviews or was too new to have any feedback) for our expert panel to evaluate. We asked each panelist to consider fit, comfort, ease of use, and sound quality of each set of headphones and to rank their top picks. Then, we brought our favorite pairs along for a workout to test how well they performed in the real world. Finally, we tested for durability by yanking the cords and exposing the headphones to water and sweat. To learn about our testing process in detail, please see our full guide to wireless workout headphones.

Our pick: JLab Epic2

Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald

The JLab Epic2 is our top pick yet again because these earbuds fit most people comfortably and stay firmly in place during rigorous workouts. They're also easy to use, affordable, and very durable with proper care. And they sound great too. We tested dozens of new headphones in this category, and none of them were as pleasant to use on a regular basis. Many had huge Bluetooth transmitters that slammed against the neck when we bounced, long cables that snagged and made noise, or sound quality so terrible we literally couldn't hear parts of our music. Once we saw just how much junk was out there, the many attributes of the Epic2 became even more appealing.

The Epic2 excels when it comes to durability: Sweat, water, and dirt are no match for these earbuds. We were also impressed with their sound quality. It had a little extra bass, but not so much that it muffled other frequency ranges; the effect was just enough that songs with a solid bassline had a little more oomph. Overall, nothing else available is as well-rounded as the Epic2. These headphones are tough, great sounding, and comfortable, so your focus will stay on completing your workout, not on fiddling with your earbuds.

Runner-up: Jaybird X3

Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald

If our pick is sold out, or if durability is your top priority, consider the Jaybird X3. With a unique charging system that has no battery door, plus an extra-thick connector cord between the earbuds and a two-year warranty against sweat damage, the X3 is made to take a beating. This set comes with a wide variety of both silicone and Comply memory-foam tips, as well as stabilizing wings, so you can customize your fit. Once in place, the X3 will stay put through high-impact workouts. Plus, you can wear the X3 with the cable threaded over your ear or hanging down, further adapting it to your personal preferences. And in our tests, the sound quality was very good, with a slight sibilance to consonants and a little extra bass.

Although the X3 has a ton of great features, it's the downsides of those features that kept this set from being our top pick. For example, the unique charging system that prevents water from getting inside the battery requires a special adapter that's really small and easy to lose. Additionally, there's a bit of a learning curve involved when figuring out which wings and tips will fit your ears the best.

Budget pick: Aukey Latitude EP-B40

Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald

If you're looking to spend as little as possible without buyer's remorse, the Aukey Latitude EP-B40 is the way to go. Comfortable for most people, durable, and backed with a two-year warranty, the Latitude bests everything else in its price range. Why? These earbuds stay in place, they're easy to use, and they sound decent. In our tests, so many other workout headphones under $50 were uncomfortable, poorly built, or marred by piercing high-frequency ranges that made turning the volume up past 40 percent literally painful.

The main downfall of the Latitude is the cable length. Although the coating on the cord that connects the two earbuds is textured in a way to make it less likely to snag, it still catches on occasion, and when it does, one of your earbuds will tug loose. Additionally, the cable bounces annoyingly when you run on a treadmill.

This guide may have been updated by Wirecutter. To see the current recommendation, please go here.

Note from Wirecutter: When readers choose to buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn affiliate commissions that support our work.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/12/31/the-best-wireless-workout-headphones/

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UK may tax internet giants to get more help fighting online extremism

Wallace certainly doesn't think very highly of internet companies -- he called them "ruthless profiteers" who put "profit before public safety." They'll sell info to loan sharks and "soft-porn companies," he claimed, but won't give it to the UK's elected government.

The companies in question object to the claims. Facebook's Simon Milner said Wallace was "wrong" that the social network didn't prioritize safety, pointing out "millions of pounds" of investment in people and tech to find and pull terrorist material. YouTube, meanwhile, said it had made "significant progress" thanks to a mix of machine learning, human reviewers and partnerships.

This is only talk at the moment, so it's far from certain that the tech industry will be forced to pay up. And we'd add that Wallace's statements appear to be based more on preconceptions of what the companies are like (he describes them as sitting "on beanbags in T-shirts") than specific complaints. It's easy to claim that Facebook or Google isn't doing enough when you don't have to provide details or consider technical, privacy and free speech issues. This doesn't mean that they are doing everything they can, but the government may have to back up any punitive tax measures with concrete evidence of inaction.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/12/31/uk-may-use-taxes-to-spur-cooperation-fighting-extremism/

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Telegram for Android now supports multiple accounts

While the iOS app remains a step behind its Android sibling and still can't support multiple accounts, the company has something for Apple users, as well. Telegram is finally giving you a way to change what your app looks like under the new Appearance setting. The iOS version now has several themes to choose from, including two dark "night time" themes and a "day" theme with colors you can tweak. That's not quite as useful as having support for more than one account, but fingers crossed that themes' arrival on iOS means Android's other features will soon follow.

Unlike the other two in Telegram's update list, both mobile platforms share version 4.7's last new feature: quick replies. You can simply swipe left on a friend's text bubble to write a reply specifically for that part of the conversation, so you can type up multiple responses without confusing yourself and your friend.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/12/31/telegram-multiple-account-android/

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China halts production of 553 car models over fuel efficiency

There were signs that this crackdown was coming. Regulators had said earlier in December that they would gradually impose stricter emissions standards on new cars, and they recently extended EV tax credits through 2020. Moreover, China hasn't been shy about wanting to eventually ban all fossil fuel cars. Automakers know they can't continue the status quo if they want to continue doing business in China, and that means more efficient engines, hybrids and ultimately pure electric cars.

The production freeze stands in sharp contrast to the US. The recently passed Republican tax plan doesn't include a measure that would have taken away the EV tax credit, but the incentives to move to eco-friendly cars are far from guaranteed to survive when the current administration is determined to protect fossil fuels at all costs. China, meanwhile, is aggressively pursuing greener cars because it has little choice. Air pollution is a serious threat in China, and anything it can do to reduce fossil fuel use can have a tangible impact on the health of its residents.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/12/31/china-halts-production-of-cars-over-fuel-effiency/

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Buon Anno 2018: le GIF di auguri per WhatsApp

Auguri di Buon Anno 2018 con immagini GIF su WhatsApp, Facebook e Instagram, particolarmente divertenti, simpatiche, originali e non solo è veramente unico e speciale. Proprio per augurare un Felice Anno Nuovo, tantissime persone condividono frasi, immagini, fotografie, video e tantissimi altri contenuti con parenti e amici. Ovviamente, su smartphone e tablet Android e iOS è possibile scaricare immagini per trasformare video e immagini in GIF, per festeggiare il 2018 in un modo alternativo, all’insegna del divertimento e allegria. Andiamo alla scoperta delle migliori GIF per fare gli auguri di Buon Anno su WhatsApp e altre piattaforme social.

Prima di scoprire in dettaglio le migliori immagini GIF di Buon Anno 2018, sottolineamo come tutte le immagini animate presenti qui sotto siano totalmente gratuite e possano essere condivise online tramite le principali piattaforme di messaggistica istantanea. Applicazioni come Facebook, Twitter e molte altre supportano le GIF, un modo semplice, diverte e innovativo, per augurare un Buon Anno 2018.

Le migliori GIF di Buon Anno 2018

Ecco alcune tra le migliori GIF di auguri di Felice Anno Nuovo 2018 da poter condividere su WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram e altre piattaforme. Sono immagini animate particolarmente divertenti, per brindare ad un nuovo anno felice.

Per salvare le immagini GIF presenti in questa galleria devi saper che è necessario effettuare alcune operazioni, molto semplici e facili da ricordare. Per salvare un’immagine GIF su Android e iOS, è necessario tenere premuto il dito sulla GIF in questione per qualche secondo, fino a quando non comparirà sullo schermo una nuova finestra di dialogo. All’interno di quest’ultima clicca sulla voce Salva immagine. L’immagine GIF verrà salvata all’interno del rullino per quanto riguarda i dispositivi iOS, come iPhone, iPad e iPod Touch, mentre su Android verrà archiviata nella cartella Download del browser. In questo modo, è possibile condividere facilmente le immagini umoristiche anche con altre applicazioni di terze parti, come WhatsApp, e social network.

Non resta, quindi, che scoprire le migliori immagini GIF di Buon Anno 2018.

Siete pronti a festeggiare il Nuovo Anno? Qui sotto la GIF da condividere con amici e parenti!

Buon Anno 2018

Un messaggio sfavillante di nuovo anno in inglese. Una GIF da condividere con tutti gli amici stranieri.

Buon Anno 2018

Festeggiamo il Capodanno assieme a Barney Stinson di How I Met Your Mother.

Buon Anno 2018

Una GIF per augurare un Buon Anno 2018 estratta dal popolare film Una poltrona per due in cui Eddie Murphy.

Buon Anno 2018

Una semplice GIF di Buon Anno da inviare via WhatsApp e altri social network.

Buon Anno 2018

Vuoi mandare un messaggio di Buon Anno in modo originale? Ecco la GIF ideale con la scritta classica Keep Calm.

Buon Anno 2018

I fuochi d’artificio sono il simbolo del Capodanno. Qui sotto la GIF per augurare un Felice Anno Nuovo,

Buon Anno 2018

Una casa sperduta in montagna e un albero di Natale assieme alla scritta Auguri!! Felice Anno Nuovo!!, il messaggio di Buon Anno.

Buon Anno 2018

Un messaggio di Buon Anno Nuovo da inviare con la GIF qui sotto.

Buon Anno 2018

Stappiamo lo spumante e lo champagne per il Nuovo Anno. Ecco la GIF che rappresenta l’attimo.

 Buon Anno 2018

Festeggiamo il Buon Anno assieme a Leonardo di Caprio con un bel calice e la GIF dal film The Wolf of Wall Street.

Buon Anno 2018

Perchè non festeggiare con Philip J.Fry il Capodanno? La GIF da condividere con amici e conoscenti.

Buon Anno 2018

GIF di Felice Anno Nuovo da video

5SecondsApp GIF auguri Buon Anno

Una tra le migliori app per creare GIF di Buon Anno 2018 partendo da video è sicuramente 5SecondsApp. Rispetto a molte applicazioni, con 5SecondsApp si ha a disposizione un’ampia gamma di funzioni, tra cui GIF da video, foto, PNG animate e non solo. Il processo di editing è veramente semplice, con la possibilità di aggiungere annotazioni, sticker e spostare ad-hoc i singoli frame. Una volta terminata la fase di modifica, è possibile salvare ogni singolo frame delle GIF come immagine o condividere per Capodanno l’immagine animata su WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram e via email, MMS o su Dropbox. Sicuramente, 5SecondsApp è una tra le applicazioni per creare GIF su iOS e Android più complete del momento, ideale per augurare un 2018 ricco di soddisfazioni.

GIF di auguri di Buon Anno online

GIFCreator creare GIF Felice Anno Nuovo

Per creare GIF di Felice Anno Nuovo 2018 è possibile sia utilizzare lo smartphone che piattaforme online. Ad esempio, GIFCreator.me è uno dei servizi online più interessanti, visto che permette di caricare fino a 350 frame, ovvero 350 singole immagini da cui generare il file GIF. Sono tantissime le opzioni da poter modificare, a partire dalla dimensione della GIF fino alla velocità di animazione. Una volta terminata la fase di editing, è possibile scaricare gratuitamente l’immagine GIF dalla piattaforma, in modo semplice e rapido, e condividerla con amici e parenti per augurare un Buon 2018.

Article source: http://www.tecnocino.it/2017/12/articolo/buon-anno-2018-le-gif-di-auguri-per-whatsapp/85363/

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Florida may finally implement full ban on texting while driving

There are 43 states that currently treat texting while driving as a primary offense, but Florida isn't one of them -- you have to break another law before texting enters the picture. However, less-than-attentive commuters might not get away with it for much longer. The state legislature is about to consider a bill that would make texting a primary offense. In other words, officers could finally pull drivers over without waiting until they speed or otherwise put other road-goers at risk.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/12/30/florida-may-treat-texting-while-driving-as-offense/

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Telegram suspends channel for encouraging violent Iran protests

It's not clear if or when the channel might come back.

The incident highlights the fine line Telegram has to walk. It doesn't want to be seen as supporting an oppressive government, especially one that wants to spy on Telegram users, but it also has to maintain a consistent anti-violence policy. If it's going to ban ISIS, it also has to ban activists that explicitly set out to hurt others, even if it ultimately helps governments silence resistance movements. Durov has been quick to object to complaints from Edward Snowden and other that he was facilitating Iran's crackdown on dissent, noting that "thousands" of Iranian opposition channels are "thriving" on Telegram.

At the same time, this raises questions about just when violence becomes an issue. It's one thing to encourage unprovoked Molotov cocktail attacks, but what if protesters discuss arming themselves knowing that the government will likely be the first to act? Even with fairly minimal policies like Telegram's, that's not always an easy call.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/12/30/telegram-suspends-channel-over-violent-iran-protests/

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