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Apple’s upcoming iOS update unblocks ‘Asian’ as adult content

If you toggle on "Limit Adult Websites" in Screen Time on iOS, you'll find that you won't be able to search for anything with the word "Asian" on Safari. Doing so will only return a page that says you can't browse the results for your query because it's restricted — it doesn't matter if you were only searching for "Asian food" or "Asian countries." Now, the tech giant is finally fixing the issue. According to Mashable, the latest iOS 14.5 Beta's adult content filter no longer blocks searches containing the word "Asian."

Screen Time's adult filter has been blocking queries with Asian in them since at least December 2019 when iOS developer Steven Shen discovered the problem and reported it to Apple. It remained unresolved, however, and was put into stark relief when "Stop Asian Hate" trended online to combat the rise of anti-Asian sentiment in the US. Yes, the adult filter also blocks the campaign slogan on most search engines. When we tried to replicate the issue last year, Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and even Baidu showed us a notification that we were trying to browse a restricted page. The only search engine that was able to process queries with "Asian" in them was Yahoo.

Mashable says that when it installed iOS 14.5 Beta on an iPhone, it was able to successfully search for terms such as "Asian," "Asian food," "Asian actors," "Asian art" and "Stop Asian Hate" even with the adult filter on. Apple rolled out the beta platform to the public last week, so you can download and install it if you're part of the company's Beta Software Program. The final version of the platform is expected to be available sometime this spring.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/apple-ios-14-5-unblocks-asian-as-adult-content-043815902.html

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Wisk will start testing its ‘air taxi’ implementation later this year

It has been three years since we got our first look at Cora, an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft that counts Google co-founder Larry Page among its backers. Last year, Wisk, the company behind Cora, announced an MOU with New Zealand to move toward passenger trials but didn't say when those would happen. 

Now Wisk has announced that it's progressing through New Zealand's Airspace Integration Trials program, and expects to begin implementation later this year. Wisk tells FlightGlobal that the "implementation" phase will not include passenger flights at first, instead it's focused on collecting data to help safely integrate drones like Cora — which relies on three flight computers to do all the piloting — into airspace systems.

Wisk CEO Gary Gysin said in a statement that New Zealand is "uniquely positioned as a leader for autonomous UAM integration trials" due to its "relatively uncongested airspace and the innovative culture of early adoption," as well as flexibility for remotely piloted aircraft. Planning for the passenger flights in Canterbury that were announced last year continues, but there's still no date for when they might start.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/wisk-cora-new-zealand-081653416.html

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Amazon’s Deal of the Day cuts SSD and hard drive prices by up to 48 percent

Storage sales are few and far between these days, but Amazon is offering discounts of up to 48 percent on SSDs and hard drives right now as part of its Deal of the Day. One of the key products listed is the WD Black 2TB NVMe with a custom dashboard and 3,400 MB/s speeds that's ideal for custom desktops or gaming rigs, on sale for $238 instead of $400 ($160 off). Another standout is Samsung's 2TB T7 Touch external SSD, available for $280 instead of $370. The T7 Touch was a CES 2020 honoree thanks to its unique fingerprint unlocking system and write speeds up to 1,000 MB/s. 

Amazon Deal of the Day storage sale

There are a lot of other good deals in there, too. If you don't require Samsung's extra security features and have a fast USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 port, SanDisk's 2TB Extreme Pro portable SSD ($270 instead of $362) delivers up to 2,000 MB/s read and write speeds, among the fastest of any external SSD. Another great pick is the WD_Black 12TB D10 Game Drive for Xbox or desktop PC storage with a fast 7,200 RPM spin rate, offering transfer rates up to 250 MB/s. It's now on sale for $220, a good $80 off the regular price.

If you need the same storage but not quite as much speed, WD's 12TB MyBook external hard drive is on offer for $190, 27 percent off the regular price. There are lots of other picks depending on your needs and budget, but you'll want to act quickly because the sale only lasts until the end of the day and some of the products mentioned will likely be snapped up well before that. 

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/amazon-deal-of-the-day-ssds-hard-drives-085536624.html

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WhatsApp payments get approved by Brazil’s central bank

WhatsApp will soon be able to relaunch its payment service in Brazil. According to Reuters, the country's central bank has approved peer-to-peer payments for the Facebook—owned messaging service, allowing users to send money to each other with cards issued by Visa and Mastercard. WhatsApp originally rolled out the payments feature in its second largest market back in June 2020, but Brazil's central bank quickly ordered the service to suspend it so it can look into whether it meets all the rules on "competition, efficiency and data privacy." The banking authority also said that the service failed to obtain the necessary licenses.

WhatsApp apparently tried to avoid being categorized as a financial services company by relying on Visa's and Mastercard's existing bank licenses. That didn't work, though: The central bank told both payment processors to stop money transfer activities through WhatsApp if they don't want to face fines. WhatsApp had to seek regulatory approval to process payments, and Visa and Mastercard had to secure new permits to be able to operate with the messaging service. 

The payment feature doesn't have a rollout date yet, but a spokesperson said it's "making the final preparations to have payments on WhatsApp available in Brazil as soon as possible." Even after it becomes available, though, users won't be able to make purchases with it. WhatsApp originally launched the feature so local merchants can easily accept digital payments, since local businesses in Brazil and India have been using it as their primary online presence. That won't be possible when the feature first becomes available, but Reuters says Facebook is seeking approval for merchant payments. 

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/whatsapp-payments-brazil-approved-093500437.html

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Spotify’s new personalized mixes focus on artists, genres and decades

Starting tomorrow, all free and premium Spotify users will be able access three new personalized mixes inspired by Daily Mix. The music streaming service already creates custom Daily Mixes for you by combining your favorite tracks with music it thinks you'll love. These new mix categories still start with music you've been listening to and will be updated with songs chosen by the service's algorithms. They have clearer names however, and they group tracks into playlists based on artist, genre and decade. 

If you're particularly fond of 90s boy bands, for instance, Spotify will create a 90s Mix for you. Lady Gaga fan? You'll see a Lady Gaga mix, as well. In case you're in the mood to listen to a variety of artists, you can access one of the genre mixes (say, Pop Mix or RB Mix) in your list. Spotify says the mixes will be frequently updated and will be comprised of several playlists — to listen to one, just go to Search in the "Made For You" hub.

Spotify recently made it easier to create your own playlists, as well, in case you'd rather listen to your own mix. It updated its desktop and web apps to match the feel of its mobile app, adding new controls that allow you to use an integrated search bar to look up songs and podcasts. You can now also write descriptions, upload images and drag and drop tracks into existing playlists within the desktop and web apps.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/spotify-personalized-mixes-artist-genre-decade-100020453.html

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Hyundai imagines an EV future where cars ‘crab drive’ sideways to park

Every urban mobility EV concept needs some kind of fun gimmick, and Hyundai has delivered quite a few with its latest Mobis M.Vision concepts. The first model called the M.Vision POP is a small two seater not unlike Citroen's Ami, but with some unique features that make it much more tech-friendly and maneuverable. 

The POP was developed under Hyundai's "Tech Joy" theme, with a "core solution" called "Phobility." Translated from designer-speak, the idea is that your smartphone could not only be used to reserve a car, but would also be embedded in the steering wheel and "become the cockpit of the automobile itself," according to Hyundai. It can then interface with the vehicle's display, allow for voice recognition and "use smartphone sensors for wireless steering of the vehicle," somehow. In a video, Hyundai even shows how you could pass the steering wheel over to your passenger if you became sleepy. 

The key feature of the POP, however, is the e-Corner module (shown above). Each of the four wheels rotate up to 180 degrees sideways, allowing the vehicle to move from side-to-side like a crab, or even rotate 360 degrees in place. That could be a big aid for parking (the vehicle would self-park, of course), or let you make a very rapid U-turn if you accidentally pass your destination.

Meanwhile, the M.Vision X is a four-passenger self-driving vehicle that's also laden with tech. All the vehicle windows can be transformed into LCD displays, allowing you to watch sports, entertainment or transform the entire vehicle into a disco, according to the video below. If some passengers want to just look outside, half the windows can be screens and the others regular see-through glass. Passengers would be able to control driving functions, AI speakers and infotainment using gesture recognition functions to they don't have to touch anything and there's even a UV lighting sterilization function — Hyundai's answer to these COVID times. 

Some of this is clearly a bit silly and far-fetched, but then again it's also a lot of fun and that's what concept cars are all about. On the practical side, Hyundai said it wanted to explore how to integrate mobility tech with the changes people have made due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it's one of the first automakers to show how that might look.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/hyundai-mobis-urban-ev-mobility-future-102638482.html

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CD Projekt Red is ‘reconsidering’ Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer

On the heels of its massive Cyberpunk 2077 patch, developer CD Projekt Red has outlined its roadmap for the open-world game. The bad news is that it's "reconsidering" its plan to launch a Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer mode as its next AAA release. Instead, the Polish studio is focusing on bringing online into "all of its franchises one day." CD Projekt Red's CEO Adam Kiciński detailed its "long-term" approach to multiplayer in a new video, stating that it would implement online elements into games "where they make sense." He added: "We don't want to go overboard or lose our single-player DNA. We want to take thoughtful steps to build robust online capabilities."

The studio seems to be prioritizing an all-inclusive online framework, over an individual spin-off, that can help it to attract a legion of fans through its GoG store. "We are building an online technology that can be seamlessly integrated into the development of our future games," Kiciński said. "This technology will power the online components we choose to introduce in our games, and will ensure we can do so without any great technological debt. With this technology in place, we can start to grow an online community powered by our own GOG Galaxy platform, which connects gamers both inside and outside of our games."

CD Projekt Red has long touted Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer as a massive standalone product. That inevitably conjured images of kicking it online with your pals in the game's sprawling Night City metropolis. But, the fact is that single player games are still hugely popular and the last thing the studio probably wants is another botched launch. This year, it's focusing on releasing more patches and fixes in a bid to get the game back on the PlayStation store with Sony's approval. It's also working on free DLCs, paid expansions and a next-gen update that's slated for the second half of 2021.

The studio's broader plans include an ambitious target to become one of the top three video game makers in the world. After announcing that it had signed a letter of intent to take over Canadian developer Digital Scapes — which worked on Cyberpunk 2077 — it noted in its group strategy that it would pursue more acquisitions.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/cd-projekt-red-reconsidering-cyberpunk-2077-multiplayer-102937559.html

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The Morning After: SpaceX lost another Starship prototype

What is happening to SpaceX’s prototype Starships? The woes continued with its fourth launch attempt as SpaceX lost its SN11 Starship roughly six minutes into its high-altitude journey. It's not clear exactly what went wrong, but the engine bay camera feed dropped right after one of the Starship's engines relit for the landing sequence. Whatever happened led to a sprinkling of parts showering the landing site.

SpaceX’s boss, Elon Musk, noted that the second engine had problems during both the ascent and landing burn, but expect more details from the engineering team later this week. Should SpaceX be worried? Probably not — this is what prototypes are for. The company apparently building each new Starship prototype in three weeks or less, but it’s a notable wobble when SN10 was able to land (before blowing up) and the presumably improved SN11 didn’t even get that far. 

— Mat Smith

Volkswagen's 'Voltswagen' rebranding is just an April Fool's stunt

An April Fool's joke executed two days early, for some reason.

We had our doubts. Yesterday, Volkswagen US tweeted out a new logo and issued a press release announcing plans to rebrand itself as Voltswagen as the company expands its electric car ambitions. While press contacts for Volkswagen US didn't initially comment on the issue, Reuters and the Wall Street Journal both cite unnamed sources claiming that on Wednesday, Volkswagen will reveal the name change is not real, and is a poorly coordinated April Fool’s joke.

As a marketing campaign, it seems odd that Volkswagen would choose to remind people that you can't trust what this company says (dieselgate), instead of simply highlighting the ID.4, a compact crossover SUV that doesn't need silly stunts to convince people it's worth driving. Continue reading.

Warning: 'Super Mario 3D All-Stars' soon goes away forever

Artificial scarcity is more brutal than that one jump in ‘Super Mario 64.’

As of this Thursday, April 1, both Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Super Mario Bros. 35 will be delisted from all digital shops, as well as the former no longer restocked at retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart, so get your physical copy while stocks last. All three titles are well-regarded platform classics and should prepare you for the Switch’s own Super Mario Odyssey, if you haven’t already tackled it. Continue reading.

Virgin Galactic’s VSS Imagine is its shiny, next-gen spaceship

And the company’s still aiming for test flights in May.

The VSS Imagine is certainly eye-catching, channeling that Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Naboo starship look in a wonderful way. It’s finished with a mirror-like material that’s meant to reflect its surroundings, whether that’s the blackness of space or the blueness of Earth’s atmosphere. It’s not all about aesthetics: That coating also offers thermal protection. Virgin Galactic’s third-generation SpaceShip has a modular design, aimed at making incremental improvements easier and less costly. According to the company, Imagine will “lay the foundation for the design and manufacture of future vehicles.” Continue reading.

Xiaomi's first foldable phone has a shape-shifting 'liquid lens' camera

Foldables are still happening.

Xiaomi has unveiled its first foldable phone, the Mi Mix Fold, which follows the same inward-folding, dual-screen form factor as Huawei's Mate X2 and Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 2. To help it stand out, however, it’s the only one to feature a "liquid lens" on one of its rear cameras. It involves the phone’s 8-megapixel "bionic" camera, which has a motor to precisely manipulate a packet of fluid to switch it between telephoto mode (3x optical zoom or 30x hybrid zoom) and macro mode (down to 3cm). Continue reading.

Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) review

A great smart display and mediocre sleep tracker.

Google’s new Nest Hub is an improved version of the original with one notable new feature powered by the company’s Soli motion sensor. While this Sleep Sensing functionality is technologically impressive and could be useful for some, a potential fee would be hard to swallow. (Google has teased that sleep tracking service is in beta and will require a subscription in the future.) For $100, though, the Nest Hub manages to outdo its predecessor at a significantly cheaper price. It sounds better, too. Continue reading.

ARM’s v9 is its first new chip architecture in a decade

It will power the next 300 billion ARM-based devices.

With its v9 chip architecture, ARM is aiming at three areas of improvement: security, AI-related processing and overall computing power — of course. ARM claims v9 will enable performance increases of more than 30 percent over the next generations of mobile and cloud CPUs, thanks, in part, to its Total Compute design philosophy. Supercomputers have also informed the design of this new architecture. It will feature the latest version of the company's Scalable Vector Extensions (SVE) technology, used by the world's fastest supercomputer. A new SVE2 platform will give ARMv9 chips an edge when locally processing 5G, machine learning, and virtual and augmented reality workloads. Continue reading.

Apple's upcoming iOS update unblocks 'Asian' search adult content warning

Screen Time has been blocking search queries with 'Asian' in them.

If you toggle on Limit Adult Websites in Screen Time on iOS, you won't be able to search for anything with the word "Asian" on Safari. Doing so will only return a page that says you can't browse the results for your query because it's restricted — it doesn't matter if you were only searching for "Asian food" or "Asian countries." The next version of iOS’ beta undoes this issue, which has been public since at least December 2019. This was when iOS developer Steven Shen reported the bug to Apple. Until now, it had remained unresolved and was put into stark relief when Stop Asian Hate trended online to combat the rise of anti-Asian sentiment in the US.

Apple rolled out the beta last week, so you can download and install it if you're part of the company's Beta Software Program. The final version is expected to land later this spring. Continue reading.

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Gocycle's G4 e-bikes come with more powerful motors and wider tires

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IBM's first 'retail' quantum computer is headed to the Cleveland Clinic

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/the-morning-after-spacex-starship-sn11-113059519.html

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There’s a Google-branded Fiat 500 range now

Fiat has launched special edition versions of its 500 lineup of cars with an unusual partner: Google. The Fiat 500 Family Hey Google not only brings Google tech to the 500 city car, 500X crossover and 500L MPV, but special design elements and Google badges — the first time those have appeared on any car, Fiat claims

Of course, the 500 Family Hey Google cars include the latest version of Google Assistant, allowing you to use voice control for navigation and other normal functions. However, it's also fitted with My Fiat Action and a telematics box, letting you remotely check settings using a smartphone or Google Nest Hub by saying "Hey Google, ask my Fiat..." 

Those include things like fuel levels, tire pressure, whether your car is locked, switching on the emergency lights and more. You can also remotely monitor your car's location or journeys and receive notifications in case of a possible theft or excess speeds. Special edition buyers can activate those services upon delivery and follow the procedures from Fiat.

Lots of other cars offer Google Assistant with various levels of integration, but what makes the 500 Hey Google editions stand out is the co-branding. All three models feature two-tone white and black color schemes along with Hey Google badges on the wheel arches and embroidered into the seats. The car's center pillars are also adorned with Google's primary-color "molecule" pattern. 

The Fiat 500 Family Hey Google will be available exclusively in Europe in 10 countries — and only in the ICE versions, not the 500 EV. It'll go on sale in Italy, the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland starting at £16,005 ($22,000) for the 500 hatchback, and going up to £23,264 ($30,000) for the 148 horsepower 500X. All buyers will also get a welcome kit including a Google Nest hub and branded key cover. Fiat launched the new models at is own virtual launch event explaining the integration and partnership with Google. It's 20-plus minutes long, but you can watch it below. 

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/fiat-hey-google-500-special-edition-voice-control-113551743.html

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Niantic’s new 5G game demo highlights the future of AR gaming

Niantic turned mobile gaming on its head by forcing players to venture outdoors in Pokémon Go. The game was an instant smash and its popularity has only endured over the years, fostered through communal events. With the onset of 5G, Niantic is showing off its approach to next-gen augmented reality social gaming. We already got a glimpse of its mooted AR glasses, now it's unveiled a multiplayer demo to showcase the larger scale of its 5G games. 

Borrowing elements from its existing lineup, including Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the new Codename: Urban Legends sees players teaming up to cast magic spells on monsters big and small, cute and fearsome. The demo looks a lot like Japanese anime Dennou Coil, a mystery about a group of kids living in an increasingly virtualized world.

Niantic has already tapped a number of major cell carriers to network test the game including Deutsche Telekom, Globe Telecom and (Engadget parent) Verizon. Initial results show that 5G allows the game to handle up to 10 times as many simultaneous players and boosts latency by up to 10 times, too. Further down the line, Niantic claims the new network will also improve gameplay by enabling longer phone battery life. 

The demo follows the launch of Niantic's "Planet-Scale AR Alliance," which is a partnership to test AR on global networks with the help of major carriers including Deutsche Telekom, EE, Globe Telecom, Orange, SK Telecom, SoftBank, Telus, Verizon and Telstra. Together, the companies are hoping AR turns out to be 5G's "killer app."

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/niantics-5-g-game-demo-ar-future-120222758.html

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