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Uber is offering electric cars in London

It's all thanks to a partnership with car makers BYD and Nissan. With their help, Uber will offer "top-rated drivers" a mix of zero-emission BYD E6s and Nissan Leafs. You might remember that Uber performed a similar trial in Chicago last year. The Energy Saving Trust (EST) will then conduct a three-month study into Uber's EV programme to see whether running a large EV fleet is beneficial for everyone involved.

Uber says that more than 60 percent of rides in London already take place in hybrid cars, but today's launch may help reduce the city's air pollution a tiny bit more. Should everything go to plan, the company intends to introduce EVs "at least one other UK city this autumn," ensuring that it has "hundreds of fully electric vehicles on its app next year."

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2016/08/31/uber-ev-london/

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