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Samsung collects record profits, again

Last year at this time Samsung's profits suffered a blow due to exploding Galaxy Note 7s, but this year -- despite ongoing executive turmoil as it has appointed new presidents for three key divisions -- the product lineup is performing as expected. Not coincidentally, Samsung has announced it set a record high $12.91 billion operating profit for the third quarter (keeping the streak going), more than triple what it notched last year during the same period.

However, while the company called Galaxy Note 8 sales "strong" its mobile earnings actually declined as people opted for cheaper phones. The money is in Samsung's chips and displays, which into things like servers as well as phones -- whether they're Samsung Galaxys or something else, like its OLED screens that are in the soon-to-debut iPhone X.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/10/31/samsung-q3-2017-earnings-oled-iphone-x/

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