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Schlage Sense now unlocks itself with an Alexa voice command

Schlage has another smart lock with Alexa integration through either Wink or Samsung SmartThings, but Sense could be the better choice if you don't have plans of automating all the appliances in your home. See, you don't have to connect the deadbolt to an automation hub to be able to take advantage of its Alexa-related features. But you will need Schlage's $70 WiFi Adapter on top of the $229 smart deadbolt.

The adapter does more than just enable Alexa integration, though: it will also allow you to control the lock using the Schlage Sense app for Android and iOS anywhere you are. Without the adapter, you can only pair the deadbolt with an iOS device via Bluetooth. That said, if you're only after Alexa integration, you can also add August Home's smart lock to your list of choices, which works with Amazon's, Apple's and Google's voice assistants.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/10/31/schlage-sense-smart-deadbolt-alexa-voice-commands/

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