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The Morning After: A 360-degree Waymo ride

Take that, Nest.Amazon acquires Ring's smart-doorbell business

In a statement, Amazon told Engadget it was "excited" to work with Ring and aid in its "mission to keep homes safe and secure." Ring said it could "achieve even more" by allying itself with Amazon as it focuses on its "vision for safer neighborhoods."

What is AI anyway?Hands-on with the ASUS ZenFone 5

When ASUS introduced us to the ZenFone, a spokesperson proudly talked about its "10 AI features." The problem is, ASUS is playing pretty hard and fast with the way it defines artificial intelligence -- color temperature or power management adjustments without any machine learning don't quite live up to the buzzword.

It was kinda small.Amazon made an escape room powered by Alexa

Now, escape rooms are really popular. So are Amazon's Alexa assistant and all those Echo gadgets it likes to call home. Together, they make the perfect storm for 2018.

What's left to remake?Netflix plans to offer around 700 original titles in 2018

It will also emphasize marketing, spending $2 billion worldwide this year.

It's time.Dear HMD, the world is finally ready for the Nokia Communicator

Instead of rehashing the 3310, or Nokia's "Banana Phone," James Trew argues that brand-owner HMD should revisit this iconic clamshell device.

With a few tweaks, it could be pretty compelling even for nonparents.Google Clips review

Despite a supremely simple setup process, seamless transfer and comprehensive sharing formats, Clips' standout feature -- artificially intelligent auto-capture -- is just too unpredictable.

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