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‘Empire of Sin’ looks like a new-school ‘Mob Rule’

There are six rackets to run, from casinos to brothels, and sometimes they have to be taken over by force. Fighting works similarly to XCOM -- you move teammates around a grid, finding cover and spending action points judiciously. Incapacitated enemies can be "executed" which cues a brutal animation with blood coating the player's camera -- perhaps unsurprising when the creator of the original, gory Doom, John Romero, is on the team.

You can recruit up to 16 teammates -- as lieutenants, soldiers, or an underboss -- from a world of 60 characters. In each playthrough, they'll have randomized relationships with each other as potential friends, enemies or lovers. That could affect how easily they can be recruited; if sent to fight their significant other they might refuse.

Another game element is the "sit-down," which is essentially how diplomacy is conducted between gang heads. In this demo, it mostly consisted of choosing basic dialogue options resulting in a deal or a back alley shoot-out.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2019/06/14/empire-of-sin-e3-demo/

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