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HTC’s Vive Sync beta offers businesses free access to VR meetings

Vive Sync meetings can support up to 30 participants per session and can access files users need from OneDrive. Participants can, for instance, present PowerPoints, PDFs, marketing videos and 3D models in their virtual meeting space. They can also record notes, annotate them with a 3D pen and take screenshots. Those notes and screenshots are instantly uploaded to participants’ cloud services, making them easy to access on phones and computers.

In its announcement, HTC says it’s just getting started with Vive Sync and plans to implement more features “quickly.” Those plans include making Vive Sync compatible with non-Vive headsets to give more people access, as well as giving it the ability to record full meeting sessions.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/htc-vive-sync-beta-free-vr-meetings-120125825.html

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