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Zoom plans to offer stronger encryption to paying customers (updated)

If you want your Zoom video calls to be as secure as possible, you may need to pay up. Zoom security consultant Alex Stamos told Reuters in an interview that the company plans to offer stronger videoconference encryption to paying customers, enterprises and institutions like schools, but not to free accounts. He cautioned that the plan could change, and that it wasn’t clear if non-profits, dissidents and other might get exceptions, but that was the current goal. A number of “technological, safety and business factors” went into the decision, according to Reuters.

While Stamos wasn’t too specific about the plan, he noted that full encryption would make it impossible for Zoom staff to address abuse in real-time and might rule out people calling in on phone lines.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/zoom-stronger-encryption-for-paying-customers-164426954.html

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