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‘Ghost in the Shell’ (the good one) arrives in 4K on September 8th

More than merely being an anime classic, Ghost in the Shell is a cultural touchpoint. Not only did it spawn multiple sequels, offshoots and a not very good live-action remake, but it also inspired the Wachowskis when they went to create The Matrix. It came at a time when the internet was just starting to change every facet of our world and it asked questions that still resonate today.

The entire set will set you back $23 (it’s currently listed at $19.29 on Amazon, while the steelbook is $19.99 + $3.99 shipping at Best Buy), a modest sum to own a masterpiece if you ask us.

Buy Ghost in the Shell 4K at Amazon - $19.29

Buy Ghost in the Shell 4K Steelbook at Best Buy - $19.99

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/ghost-in-the-shell-4k-ultra-hd-230308830.html

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